About Bob Stevlic


Bob is a commercial artist and illustrator working in the game, entertainment and collectible markets.
With over 17 years experience as a commercial artist Bob has created official artwork for licensed properties 
such as Star Wars, The Hobbit, The Walking Dead TV series, Downton Abbey, Major League Baseball,
MLB Players Union, the NFL, UFC, Universal Monsters, Hammer Horror, Vampirella and more. 

For a number of years starting in 2004, Bob served as staff artist at Steve Jackson Games, creating interior 
and cover illustrations for game books sold world wide.  Other duties included designing the look of iconic 
characters and redesigning existing ones to bring them inline with current standards.  Now approaching nearly ten 
years of work in the game market Bob continues freelancing for various publishers, perhaps the most notable client 
being AEG on their popular and ongoing Legend of the Five Rings samurai card game. 

While working as a conceptual artist for a consulting firm in Ohio, Bob helped translate business ideas into 
visual form for use as internal training materials by corporations including McDonald's, Purina, Chevrolet, 
Glaxo-Smith Kline and Bell Helicopter.

As an artist since early childhood, Bob went on to earn dual associates degrees in Fine Art and Electronic Design 
from the American Academy of Art, and currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago working from his home studio
for clients and collectors around the globe.

Using an array of skills and techniques, Bob is a visual communicator with the ability to illustrate your 
product, story, characters or ideas into an attractive and dynamic visual art form that can connect and communicate 
with customers, clients and fans on a level that no other medium can.